The 'Foundation Coaching Certificate for Health Leaders' Course is uniquely designed for senior doctors and public health leaders who manage, supervise or appraise staff and/or lead teams.

It will teach you how to coach others as part of your 'day job'. You will be in a small, supportive peer group, led and delivered by Dr Fiona Day. Course will be fully certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Developing your own coaching skills will enable you to feel confident to engage and manage people, lead your own teams effectively, and to create a coaching culture while leading strategically across the system. Learning to use coaching skills also directly benefits you as a leader - learning coaching skills is an evidence-based method of developing YOU as a leader!

You can undertake the two day training without the practice elements if you only wish to gain the CPD and without the full Certification.

If you prefer, you can also proceed to apply for full EMCC Independent Accreditation following the Course!

Contact Fiona directly to find out more - only 9 places!

Please contact Fiona as the next step - she will enrol you directly

Price £1,600 - 20% early bird discount until 31.3.24.

Self-funding? Don't forget to claim the tax back and you will be able to pay in instalments. Course includes:

  • Learn how to coach your direct reports, supervisees, appraisees, your team, and to create a coaching culture across your system in formal and informal settings

  • Based on the latest evidence in the field of coaching & coaching psychology and delivered by an expert Coach

  • Small peer learning groups of maximum 9 participants, using a 'group coaching' approach to learning which is based on your own unique needs and circumstances

  • Two days of group-based online learning with supported peer practice

  • Two group supervision online sessions to support your professional practice (minimum of one must be attended)

  • Interactive, evidence-based e-learning and resources to enhance your reflection, development and coaching practice; assessment processes aligned to medical and public health appraisal requirements

  • Supportive peer community to share ideas and learning

  • Delivered online only, to increase access for health leaders around the world, to reduce our environmental impact, to reduce costs and your stress associated with travel - &because Fiona is an expert in making online training even better than face-to-face!

  • Option to progress to fast-tracked Independent Accreditation at Foundation level with EMCC - an internationally recognised coaching professional award

  • Option to progress to more senior levels of coaching practice

Contact Fiona to find out more - only 9 places!

Please speak with Fiona directly as the next step - she will enrol you directly

Minimal Expected Learning Objectives

You will set your own learning goals, and by the end of the Course you will also:

  1. Enhance your leadership, management, appraisal, mentoring, and/or educational supervision skills through meeting core Coaching Competency categories at EMCC Foundation level
  2. Gain an understanding of the practice of evidence-based coaching in the context of your vocational role(s)* 
  3. Develop and / or enhance your core coaching skills within your vocational role(s) to support both your own and others’ development of skills and performance* 
  4. Be competent, ethical and safe as leaders to integrate a coaching approach with individuals, teams and the system in both formal and informal coaching contexts as part of your vocational role(s)*
  5. Enhance your own capacity for reflection and improve your own leadership skills
  6. Have clear development plans and strategies in place to support your future coaching practice within your vocational role(s)* and beyond which are integrated into your existing professional appraisal processes (where relevant)
  7. Optional: Be able to submit a portfolio to meet EMCC Foundation EIA standards within 12 months of the start of the course if independent accreditation is also desired 

 *ie as part of your employed ‘day job’ eg your leadership, managerial, appraisal, mentoring, and/or educational supervision roles, and with your wider team members, peers and colleagues.

This Course is not designed to teach you to coach outwith the context of your existing role - see my Practitioner Certificate Course for this next level of skill development.

Essential Criteria to join the Course

You must be a senior doctor, health leader or public health specialist, and in a position to engage in 6 hours of independent skills practice with a minimum of 2 individuals outside of the learning groups in the context of your vocational role (day job).

The Foundation Coaching Certificate Course is appropriate for individuals:

  • Who wish to gain an understanding of the practice of coaching and to have the core skills of coaching
  • Likely to be working with others using coaching conversations to support and encourage development of skills/performance
  • Who wish to use a coaching approach within their own field/role and clearly understand how their coach role integrates with their vocational roles

EMCC Programme Accreditation in progress

This Course will be fully accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Foundation Level and will carry their internationally recognised Global Quality Award (EQA). This is an internationally recognised accreditation for providers of coaching training who can demonstrate they they meet high professional standards. A logo for an award 
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Optional - Streamlined Individual Accreditation with EMCC

Additional coaching experience and fees to EMCC may apply

You will be able to apply for a streamlined Individual Accreditation (EIA) process as a Foundation Coach following the Course if you wish. 

This is like (re)validation and a licence to practice - it is considered essential for a professional coach but optional for coaching in your day job). Please note that additional coaching and supervision experience may apply, and you will need to pay an additional fee to EMCC. 

I will be able to fast track your application, and I will be able to take any evidence of recent prior learning and prior coaching practice into account. You will need to be able to demonstrate to me additional aspects of your coaching practice (number of hours, number of clients, supervision, CPD). If you are already using a coaching or mentoring approach you will be able to use this to gain independent accreditation; my Foundation Coaching Certificate Course will provide evidence of your competency level). I am 'independently accredited' at Master Practitioner level.

Use coaching skills in formal and informal conversations - in the corridor, at team meetings and at the Board table!

You'll be confident to use coaching skills in:

  • Informal ‘corridor conversations’ with individuals
  • Formal ‘coaching conversations’ with direct reports, appraisees, mentees, educational supervisees, members of your wider team, peers, and/ or colleagues
  • Informal ‘ad hoc’ team learning opportunities
  • Formal 'team development sessions' for teams which you lead, or where you can take on a ‘team coach’ role with the team leader’s permission
  • Wider organisational or system level contexts (eg Board/ Partnership meetings)

Contact Fiona to find out more - only 9 places remaining!

Please contact Fiona directly as the next step - she will enrol you directly

Dr Fiona Day (MBChB, FFPH, CPsychol)

I am the only Leadership Coach in the world with advanced qualifications in both coaching and coaching psychology (EIA Master Practitioner, CPsychol), and also in medicine and public health (MBChB, FFPH). Combined with my real-world experience as a medical and public health leader, I am in a unique position to help you to flourish personally and professionally.

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